New York Originals

Tish & Snooky’s® MANIC PANIC® NYC began on 7/7/77, when two N.Y.C.-born sisters, Tish and Snooky, added some extra ambition to their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. At the time, the sisters were singers in the original Blondie lineup, and few of the people who helped to ignite the late 70’s PUNK scene would have ever dreamt of the company's current acceptance by the mainstream. Through MANIC PANIC’s® decades of evolution, it has become the internationally renowned hair color and cosmetics company it is today. We have come a long way, baby, indeed! 

Say something interesting about your business here. The original Manic Panic boutique became an icon of "first generation punk", as is well documented in countless books. Rock videos, such as "Downtown 81", as well as various films about the Ramones, have helped to pay tribute to Manic Panic's history. Manic Panic specifically catered to the punk rock and alternative crowd, with hipsters coming from all over the world to shop, to see, and to be seen.